Hyundai Tucson Engine Oil

Almost always the first thing we do in our vehicle- apart from refueling, is to change engine oil.

Not to be taken lightly oil change, for proper lubrication will give us a long engine life in our vehicle.

Therefore it is necessary to devote a few minutes to learn the options of oil required by the engine of the vehicle, which vary depending on engine petrol or diesel engine.

On the other hand, the ambient operating temperature should also be taken into account to select one or another oil, as shown in the graphs of oil selection for Hyundai Tucson listed below.

The oil filter Tucson, is different in size and location in the gasoline engine or diesel, as shown in the following drawings.

Filtro de aceite Hyundai Tucson gasolinaThis drawing shows the location of the oil filter Hyundai Tucson with gasoline engine

To remove it we must be careful not to burn the arms and / or hands when the engine is just off.

The drain plug must be removed to allow the oil used by the motor is removed, we gather in a large container for recycling properly.

We must pay attention to the oil plug is not contaminated with dirt or mud, then end up spoiling the thread.

Replace oil filter and engine oil every 3750 miles (6000 kilometers) or every 6 months, WHICHEVER.

The crankcase oil plug must be set correctly, neither loose nor too tight as it would allow leakage or damage to the threaded it would be a big problem.

Hyundai Tucson Diesel: Oil filterThe Hyundai Tucson Diesel oil filter is larger than its counterpart gasoline, and is located almost vertically.


To change the oil filter what one should do the same, so that does not alter the pressure of fuel to the engine.

The oil filter part number for Hyundai Tucson is: 26310-27420.


This ensures that there is a total coincidence in size, proper filtering, type and size of filter threads.

As important data size oil filter Hyundai Tucson is that it has approximately twice as long as the oil filter Hyundai Tucson gasoline.

Replace oil filter and engine oil every 3750 miles (6000 kilometers) or every 6 months, WHICHEVER.


Selecting the engine oil for Hyundai Tucson

Because engines Hyundai Tucson (gasoline and diesel) work under different pressure and other parameters is that the oil should be chosen carefully for each case, and the following graphics allow it done safely and correctly . Do not forget that a chosen improperly oil can end up leaving without lubrication to the engine under certain conditions such as extreme cold, which damage the motor.


Engine oil for diesel Tucson


Oil engine Hyundai Tucson diesel card


If we compare the two drawings selection of engine oil of Tucson, we note that there are differences in oils and allowable ranges of operating temperatures.


In short we must use this card provided by the manufacturer for the Hyundai Tucson Diesel as follows:


We pay attention to the maximum ambient temperature variations where the Tucson will circulate. Scales have left in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius.


For example, if the ambient temperature does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius, we have the options of engine oil 5W30 or 0W30.


Now in the case of a warmer city we have other options that we provide proper engine lubrication and long life.

It is also important to use the correct oil as it helps us in our economy, usually a lower temperature oil is more expensive than one for warmer environments.


Oil engine Hyundai Tucson gasoline CardEngine oil for gasoline Hyundai Tucson


For proper selection of oil with gasoline engines also we have a card provided by the manufacturer, which selected the ambient temperature range where the vehicle operates and chose the recommended oil.


For example, if the city has a range of temperature above 20 degrees Celsius (68 Farenheit approx.) We have sposibles between oils used: 15W40, 10W30 and 10W40.


For example, if the city has a range of temperature above 20 degrees Celsius (68 Farenheit approx.) we have three possible oils ot use: 15W40, 10W30 and 10W40.

The parameter that we will use one or the other will be the price and availability in the local market, and any of them provide adequate lubrication.

Oil capacity for Hyundai Tucson

Oil Capacity
4.1 L
4.5 L


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