Gearbox Oil

The Chevrolet Spark and Daewoo Matiz use 75W85 oil in the gearbox. This is the manufacturer's recommended oil for the gearbox.

Some mechanics use 20W50 engine oil for the transmission, this is a big mistake.

The 20W50 motor oil is not for gearbox, which brings a couple of negative consequences for our gearbox:

The 20W50 oil is heavy for the transmission, which results in inadequate lubrication of the transmission.

The 20W50 oil in the transmission causes problems when making the gearshift handle. This is especially noticeable when changing from second to third and fourth to third ago, producing snoring noises and gear couplings not easily occur.

If after using the 75W85 oil in the transmission remains the problem of snoring / noise when making changes then adjusted the clutch cable finally can persist the difficulty of making the gears smoothly and could be due to damage sprocket of the gearbox, called synchronized gears.

The oil in the gearbox should be replaced every 30,000 km and 2.1 liters should be used.

Fill and drain plug gearbox

How to change the oil in the gearbox?


This image shows the location of the oil drain plug and oil fill plug the transmission.



Drain oil loosening these two plugs, once fully emptied the vessel, is placed and secured the bottom-drain plug, and then using a hose pump the 2.1 liter apply 75W85.


The 75W85 oil is for box manual and not automatic transmission.


Manual oil pumpYou can use a hand pump oil as in the picture attached to pump the oil from the gearbox, but if you do not have it I suggest you use the following method to put the new oil in the gearbox:

This requires removing the battery, starting with the negative terminal, then remove the resonator and the air filter container to take maneuverability, and now I can see the oil filler cap from top of box.

Once the drain plug is in place, and using a 1 meter hose, you enter through the fill plug hole, pour 75W85 oil with a funnel on the other end of the hose, controlling the amount of oil until it begins to overflow, then remove the hose and firmly places the filler cap in place.

Assemble all cables removed without forgetting-like inlet air sensor finally install the battery into place, securing it first mechanically and then electrically, but now installing the positive terminal first and then the negative terminal.

If you do not have a manual oil pump you can use a hose and a funnel top and apply the 75W85 oil.


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