Cooling System Leaks and radiator unexplained

Many times during weekly or monthly routine inspection of fluid levels in our car we found that the coolant level has dropped, but no trace of the leak by the hoses, radiator, coolant recovery tank or dripping we lead to detect the origin of the loss of coolant.

If we do not take corrective action or emergency will be severe damage to the engine in a short time, then the engine will run out of coolant and the engine will be damaged by overheating.

The first step will be to fill the tank of clean water coolant if we find the problem in the middle of a trip and do not have anything else, taking care not to exceed the limit marked on the recovery tank MAX, this will allow us to reach a service station or mechanic trucks to replace this water by PURE coolant.

The disadvantage of the water in the cooling system, the high vapor pressure in the engine cooling system compared to the vapor pressure if we only coolant (ethylene glycol) but can operate at least safe and does not damage the engine.

As an additional measure we drive our car at low speed so as not to raise the temperature of the engine cooling system.

Coolant loss is minimal during normal operation, but will be a reduction in a period of 6 months or more.

The loss of coolant with no apparent cause in a few days or weeks may be due to very small cracks in the radiator, fractures in the engine block, cracks in the packaging of the engine head, micro leaks in radiator heating.

To prevent engine damage must complete each week missing coolant to take any remedial action.

Abro stop leak radiatorUsing Radiator Leak Sealing Abro (Abro Stop Leak)

Take the car to the mechanic workshop we will be a significant expense, in which case the mechanic replace the more obvious parts like the head gasket engine replacement radiator with a new one, we can even suggest a correction of engine parts and other things that simply result in a bill of great value.

Before all this means time and money-lots of money, with results that can leave us in the same condition or worse than before the repair, we experienced loss of coolant, I suggest using the product for Radiator Leak Sealing Abro, whose presentation is a clear plastic tube of 2.5 cm diameter by 7.5 cm long, and the cost is less than $ 2.

The tube contains a fine powder with trace metal-be careful not to breathe, and to be added to the coolant reservoir with engine warm and running, and then leave the engine running for 10 to 15 minutes.

Recommend such a tour at lunchtime to your home, let the engine cool during lunch, remove the lid to the container the coolant, then turn on the engine and carefully add the powder in the container tube refrigerant, proceed to the cover and make the journey back to your work.

Do not forget to turn on for about 10 minutes to heat up, so they can "cure" coolant leaks that could have the radiator heating the passenger cabin.

You will notice in the coming days as the coolant level is maintained, you should always check the level in the state of cold, as the temperature level is distorted.

There are similar products in other brands such as Wynns, Liqui Moly, not only in powdered form but in liquid form.


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