Chevrolet Spark Gas Mileage

The gas mileage on your car is a parameter that must be taken into account, because if it is too low, you must perform maintenance on some systems involved.

Today more than ever we are concerned about the budget that we spend on gasoline for our cars and it is not too say that in the monthly budget must take into account gasoline as a fixed and mandatory spending, without it we can not make our activities daily.

We worry about being as efficient in performance gasoline for our cars and in this article we will try a few topics about it.

Regardless of the car you possess should know how to calculate your gas mileage and post it weekly to take corrective actions just notice a decrease in it.

Let's see who is the first petrol Performance: The gas mileage is simply the amount of miles traveled per gallon and / or liter of gasoline.

For calculation purposes I will take a car with excellent gas mileage benefits, the same as is convenient for daily activities with few people: The Chevrolet Spark from General Motors.

In the propaganda circulating in television, radio and newspaper mentions that the Chevrolet Spark LS 0.8 liters (Daewoo Matiz) / Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT have a gas mileage of 70km per gallon.

Low fuel indicator lightThis data is only as true when traveling by road, where operating conditions are very different from those we have in town: continuous stops and waits for traffic lights, the traffic of the city itself significantly decrease the gas mileage between a 30% and 40%.

In practice, the Daewoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark with full tank can travel between 400km and 500 km until the fuel warning light comes on.

The Spark specification sheet indicates that 0.8/1.0 liter capacity fuel tank is 38 liters, ie 38 liters / 3.785 liters = 10 gallons. The low fuel warning light, lights up when it is about 1 gallon reserve.

With this, we can draw a yield of gasoline average per gallon and liter as follows: Say we travel 450 km with full tank until the light of low fuel light, then are consumed 9 gallons (38 liters - 3 8 liters = 34.2 liters) to travel 450km, therefore:

PERFORMANCE OF GASOLINE IN CITY = 450 km / 9 gallons = 50 miles / gallon

PERFORMANCE OF GASOLINE IN CITY = 450 km / 34.2 liters = 13.15 km / liter

The gas mileage is quite real in cities of medium to high density traffic, where logically assume that lower performance on the road, where it can reach up to 600km per tank or 66.7 km / gallon it will have to be pretty close as mentioned earlier in this article:

GASOLINE PERFORMANCE ROAD = 600 km / 9 gallons = 66.7 miles / gallon

GASOLINE PERFORMANCE ROAD = 600 km / 34.2 liters = 17.5 km / liter

The above performance is fully annotated gasoline valid for Daewoo Matiz (0.8 liters). Chevrolet Spark LS (0.8 liters) and Chevrlelt Spark LT (1.0 liters). And you wonder why they have similar performance if they have different displacements?

Then the technical supporting what appear by the new 1.0-liter Spark LT has a gas mileage similar to the Daewoo Matiz / Chevrolet Spark 0.8 LS : Improvements Chevrolet Spark 1.0 engine.

If your car travels less than 400 miles per tank of gasoline, is indicative that has low gas mileage or you have slow transit routes, this is possible in cities with high traffic density.

If it were not for high vehicular density and your car travels less than 400km above, your insurance fouled plugs, you have not changed the air filter or fuel, as you have not done cleaning injectors.

However, the fact that this gas mileage is affected by customs and driving habits, if you have the habit of sudden acceleration will affect gas mileage negatively. In some cases the desperation and impatience of the driver when waiting at traffic lights revving paste makes, even when the vehicle is completely stopped, as if doing so were to make the traffic light to change more readily.

The habit of "running" also makes waste fuel unnecessarily.

Where do you think the energy you have used in accelerating unnecessarily you going?

ANSWER: That energy is transformed into heat in the brakes of your car not generating any income.


How to keep a high yield of gasoline in our car?

To achieve high yields of gasoline in our cars we have at our disposal a series of habits and details that we must practice every day:

  1. Avoid sudden braking and accelerating.
  2. Keep the air pressure in the tires on 30PSI.
  3. Do not carry unnecessary weight in your car.
  4. Do not over use the air conditioning, if possible leave your car parked in shady spots. Air conditioning tends to dry out your mucous membranes and can cause colds.
  5. Find ways representative peak hours and mostly traveled roads.
  6. Keep your car in excellent working order: spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter, injector cleaning, oil changes.
  7. Do not over-rev your car unnecessarily.
  8. Performs balancing / alignment of the tires at least once a year or just notes detour on the wheel.
  9. Do not over load your car, either with tools or useless burden.


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