Chevrolet Spark engine

Chevrolet Spark Engine 1.0-liter is an improved engine 0.8 liters of his predecessors Daewoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark 0.8 liters evolution.

Improvements in Spark 1.0 liter engine mainly focus on electromechanical controls electronic controls.

Improvements in Spark 1.0 liter engine mainly focus on electromechanical controls electronic controls, improving gas mileage and increasing engine power.

Such changes to electronic controls make consumption and performance Spark LT 1.0 liter have a performance similar to Spark / Matiz consumption of 0.8 liters.

The improvements are as follows:

Four cylinders / combustion chambers: 1.0 liter engine, the largest number of cylinders gives us a higher power motor. Visually engines Chevrolet Spark 0.8 liter three-cylinder are very similar to engines Spark LT 1.0 liter 4 cylinder.

Electronic distributor: Replacing rotating mechanical distributor. The mechanical distributor has a lower energy efficiency than an electronic one that performs the same functions.

Another advantage of electronic or static distribution is that there is no mechanical wear as is often the case of mechanical rotary distributor.

Acceleration actuator body, which has been incorporated into the throttle body to the old IAC valve.

Chevrolet Spark EngineChevrolet Spark Engine Power

Chevrolet Spark Engine 0.8L = 52 HP

Chevrolet Spark Engine 1.0L = 65 HP

Chevrolet Spark Engine 1.2L = 81 HP

EGR valve, this valve controls the recirculation of exhaust gases and electronic sensors to replace the mechanical EGR valve

Preheated oxygen sensor or lambda sensor: the lambda sensor further includes a heating resistor that is used to raise the temperature of the sensor by applying 12V ‚Äč‚Äčelectrical system for a few seconds and thus achieve an almost instantaneous operation of this sensor. The lambda sensor two terminals and is heated by the heat of the exhaust gases, making it much slower

If future market trends in the sales of Chevrolet Spark LT 1.0 liter will continue to grow, then surely other improvements will be made in the engine

One of them could be incorporated System Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) replacing the current that has a single overhead camshaft (SOHC).


Chevrolet Spark Engine 1.0LIncorporating Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) engine efficiency increases to be able to more accurately control the opening / closing of the intake and exhaust valves.

A second improvement in the future that could be incorporated into engine Spark 1.0 liter LT could be the double the number of valves in each of the four combustion chambers or cylinders.Formerly each cylinder had two valves: one intake and one exhaust.Incorporating as many valves on the intake and exhaust facilitates rapid entry of air / fuel and faster evacuation of combustion gases mix, these improvements increase the power output of the Chevrolet Spark LT 1.0 liter , time will tell if the builders choose to make these improvements and keep the user expectation would result in higher sales.


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