Hyundai Tucson Check Engine: Something is going wrong!

Our vehicle is continuously monitored by an onboard computer (ECU / ECM or PCM), which records the different engine operating parameters and peripherals thereof.

Each operating parameter of the engine and its other components have a normal operating range, and when any of these parameters (such as engine temperature, fuel pressure, oil level engine within known worldwide) leave this safe operating range, it is then that the onboard computer informs the driver of the vehicle that something is wrong and you should check the vehicle looking for that "something is wrong".

The way to quickly inform the driver of the vehicle that "something is wrong" is by a warning light on the instrument panel: THIS IS FAMOUS CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.

Check Engine Hyundai TucsonCheck Engine light of the Hyundai Tucson is a yellow or orange light on the instrument panel lit intermittently or permanently.

Sometimes it is within the speedometer or similar place to make it easy to visualize in a couple of seconds once produced a fault in the engine.

This symbol is an engine with or without the words CHECK, CHECK ENGINE, MIL, lightning or other symbol that stands in sight inmeditamente lights.

Another name that is known to Check Engine is simply Malfunctiong Indicator Lamp or MIL, literally inform us of the same, something has been damaged or is out of normal operating parameters.

The presence of the Check Engine can be warning of a more or one less damage, as described in the video below, in short we must have some logical way to act right now while we must be watchmen for make correct decisions.

Review a number of elements and take any of the actions described in the video, are the first step and that almost always ends solved the problem of the Check Engine light.

Scanner Hyundai TucsonIn situations of major damage we have to resort to scan the vehicle, electronic instrument similar to that shown on the left, this Hyundai Tucson scan takes a few minutes nothing more.

This instrument is an external computer that communicates with the computer Hyundai Tucson to extract the information stored internally and used as opara help determine any damage that is not obvious to the naked eye.

This scanner connects to a connector called OBDII (or CAN in the latest versions) under the instrument panel.

The different defects you find this scanner are indicated by a code and a small descriptive caption, for example:

P1182 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Short
P1183 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Open
P1522 Sensor Supply 1 Volt - Low
P1613 ECM-Malfunction
P1750 TPS Communication Malfunction

These fault codes or DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) are just five examples of failures that cause the ignition of the Check Engine, the list of these DTCs is about 460 fault codes for Hyundai Tucson.

It is very important that only this warning light comes on, immediate corrective measures are taken, because if left to accumulate damage can be costly and complicated to fix.

Video: Why the Check Engine lights?

Vídeo: Por qué se enciende el Check Engine?Briefly analyzing the DTC P1613 listed above: The scanner shows a unique code fails P1613 is telling us that the Hyundai Tucson vehicle computer has a fault, in the first instance would think that we should change it but first we must ensure that all the wiring is correct no shorts or broken wires, connectors connected correctly and firmly to computer, the power cables and fuses computer are good.

Finally if all these steps have not eliminated the P1613 alarm is very likely due to change computer Hyundai Tucson also evident that this type of failure to generate a series of anomalies in the engine, such as: engine shuts down without explanation, combustion gas emissions beyond limits, low fuel economy, engine ignition difficulty.


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