Hyundai Tucson IAC valve

The Hyundai Tucson IAC valve regulates the entry of air into the engine at idle or minimum.

The IAC Tucson, controls the flow of air entering the combustion chambers and thus the value of the RPMs of the engine at different operating conditions of the engine idle or minimum.

For example, when the engine has started, the computer opens the Tucson IAC valve to deliver a lot of air to the combustion chambers, the engine is so high revolcuiones and notice it accelerated, as the engine is heated the air supply is reduced until the engine RPMs are stabilized at nominal value.

After the RPMs have stabilized, they are well maintained if there is no external demand, such as accelerattion or turn on of electrical equipment such as air conditioning, stereo, radio, lights, etc.

When you turn on any electrical equipment, you will notice that the RPM engine rise slightly, so more power to the vehicle alternator which in turn provides the electrical equipment to be delivered on.

This increase in idle speed or minimum can be seen in the increase in RPMs tachometer or simply more rapid engine sounds.

Hyundai Tucson IAC Valve is located on the throttle body, to find the IAC should follow the hose or tube that connects the filtered air to the engine, the point where the filtered air pipe meets the engine is called BODY ACCELERATION.

The following pictures illustrate the shape of the IAC valve Hyundai Tucson, in the first picture is shown in the lower left of the electrical connector, the right side shows two holes bronze gold color, these are holes for holding the IAC to engine throttle body.

Among the fastening holes of the IAC, there are two holes that correspond to the passage of filtered air to the intake manifold of the engine, by this step the flow of filtered air engine idling is controlled.

Válvula IAC Hyundai Tucson Hyundai Tucson IAC

The second photograph shows the Hyundai Tucson IAC control connector, 3 terminals are used to control the stepper motor.

Hyundai Tucson IAC valve electrical diagramActually two coils that have been united in a common-point the half, as shown in the diagram on the left.

Using this small plot is very easy to determine with OHMETER (electronic multimeter IN OHMs function), if the windings are in good condition or not.

As illustrated in the drawing, the resistance of each Tucson IAC winding of the stepper motor must measure 17 OHM

If one of these coils is open or shorted no other solution to replace the IAC, it is one piece and in these conditions is not repairable in any way.

Damage to one or both coils Tucson IAC leave the engine accelerated, to be open filtering air passage or hard ignition if it is very closed the passage of filtered air to the engine.

On the other hand, if the IAC valve is closed completely NOT BE POSSIBLE STARTING THE ENGINE, and if it does lot of attempts of starts will be necessary with footprints accelerator to provide air to the engine, but surely is that after release the throttle the engine will shut down almost immediately.

If the Hyundai Tucson IAC jams will have the same effect as if one or both coils of the IAC is damaged, ie accelerated engine, engine RPMs low idle, difficulty ignition.

In other circumstances erratic operation of idling system is possible, ie rise and fall of the RPMs of the engine, in these cases may be dirt IAC, connectors loose contacts, loose IAC, causing leakage of vacuum / pressure.

We must clean the Hyundai Tucson IAC every 2 months to prevent malfunction of the engine, it does not take more than about 5 minutes: remove the IAC of Tucson, wipe clean coal waste, adjust the IAC with two screws firmly, turn the engine and check for any leakage around the IAC loose or a possible fracture of the body of the IAC.


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