System parts manual clutch

The clutch system is responsible for connecting the mechanical power generated by the engine to the outside.

When the clutch pedal is depressed the pressure plate off with the clutch disc and transfer rotational mechanical power is interrupted.

The process of connecting / disconnecting the pressure plate and clutch disc occurs every time you start the car and every time we make a change of gear.

The clutch generates wear of these two components making frictional after many operations clutch pressure plate and clutch disc are worn.

Habits of each conductor in the clutch make the duration of the clutch pressure plate and varies from driver to driver.

For example, for some drivers with bad habits need to change the clutch clutch every 80,000 miles or less while others may extend to 200,000 miles or even a little more.

The clutch inside the cabin communicates with the clutch arm below the engine block, the drive of this arm and pressure plate separating clutch disc.

The following diagram illustrates the entire mechanism from the pedal clutch within the motor.

Parts of Manual Clutch


1.- Clutch disc

2.- Pressure plate

3.- Realease bearing

4.- Release shaft

5.-Release shaft bushing No. 1

6.-Release shaft bushung No. 2

7.- Release shaft seal

8.- Release arm

9.- Clutch cable adjusting nut

10.- Clutch cable

11.- Clutch pedal


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